Cathy Bevins recognizes that strong communities are the key to a strong county, and Cathy knows the importance of listening and working with the community.  Eastern Baltimore County, and especially the 6th District, includes a diverse geographic landscape -- with dense, urban, suburban, and rural communities, including many on the waterfront -- and Cathy knows that priority issues in one community may vary from the issues that are important on the other side of the district.

Cathy is a friend to the environment, and loves to enjoy the outdoors, and the wonderful natural resources available in and around the area, and she understands the importance of thinking ahead, and planning for the future.  Cathy knows that our actions, plans, and policies today will impact the quality and availability of our most precious and delicate natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

The 6th District is home to some of Baltimore County’s largest employers, as well as many family-owned and operated small businesses.  From large, manufacturing centers, business and office parks, to the local marinas, community based shops, boutiques and restaurants, Cathy knows that a strong and viable economic core is key to stable communities.

Even before her work in government, Cathy was involved with the PTA at her children’s schools.  Cathy knows the importance of education, and preparing students now to be the future leaders and innovators we expect them to become.  She knows that to be effective, our schools need to incorporate technology and prepare the students for real-world, 21st century jobs.  Cathy knows that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training is a critical part of that preparation.


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