Even before her work in government, Cathy was involved with the PTA at her children’s schools.  Cathy knows the importance of education, and preparing students now to be the future leaders and innovators we expect them to become.  She knows that to be effective, our schools need to incorporate technology and prepare the students for real-world, 21st century jobs.  Cathy knows that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) training is a critical part of that preparation.  In each year of her first term, Cathy hosted an annual recognition ceremony at Chesapeake High School & STEM Academy to honor elementary school participants from 6th District elementary schools who won their respective Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) fairs.  Cathy believes that the best gift we can leave to future generations is the opportunity to succeed, and keeping youth engaged and excited is the best preparation.   

This opportunity begins with good schools. and since taking office, Cathy has worked with the Superintendent, and school administrators, as well as the local school teachers, principals and parents to make sure that they have the resources they need to provide a quality education. Through her hard work Coucnilwoman Bevins was able ensure that all Sixth District Schools were air conditioned. This is the first Coucnil District to have one-hundred percent of its public schools air conditioned. 

Cathy knows that a healthy learning environment starts with the building it occupies, and she has been a driving force behind school construction projects which have been completed or funded in each of the budgets, during her time in office:

  • Funding for a larger replacement school at the current Victory Villa Elementary School
  • Recently completed renovations at Parkville High School
  • $16 million + upgrade/ renovations for Overlea High School
  • Air Conditioning improvements at:
    • Middleborough Elementary School
    • Elmwood Elementary School
    • Hawthorne Elementary School
    • Parkville Middle School
    • Overlea High School
    • Golden Ring Middle School
    • Middle River Middle School
    • Orems Elementary School 


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