Cathy is a friend to the environment, and loves to enjoy the outdoors, and the wonderful natural resources available in and around the area, and she understands the importance of thinking ahead, and planning for the future.  Cathy knows that our actions, plans, and policies today will impact the quality and availability of our most precious and delicate natural resources for future generations to enjoy.  The 6th District includes hundreds of square miles of waterfront and environmentally sensitive land within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and Cathy has taken significant steps to protect the environmental and limited resources, including the following:

  • Protecting the URDL, and maintaining resource conservation zoning to prevent residential development on 290+ acres of environmentally sensitive land located on the Bird River
  • Securing and utilizing Project Open Space funding for Baltimore County to acquire 58+ undeveloped acres of waterfront property on the Middle River for recreational open space and waterfront amenities
  • Worked to resume the water quality testing program in eastern Baltimore County waterways for the protection of families who enjoy these rivers for swimming, boating and recreational use
  • Advocating for and approving contractual agreements between property owners and the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability to secure conservation easements to protect and prevent development of hundreds of acres of undeveloped land through Coastal Rural Legacy and other land-conservation programs
  • Approving grant funding and participating in watershed cleanups with the Back River Restoration Committee


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