Legislative Accomplishments



Since taking office, Cathy has been twice elected Chair of the Baltimore County Council. In that capacity she worked with the County Administration and managed the Coucnil agenda. Cathy has also been appointed to serve on the Legislative Committee for the Maryland Association of Counties, representing the interests of Baltimore County with respect to state legislation pending before the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis.  

As the elected legislative body, the County Council is vested with all of the local law-making power as granted by the Baltimore County Charter and the General Assembly of Maryland.  Cathy takes her role as a legislator seriously, striving to represent the interests of Baltimore County residents, and to be their voice in local legislative matters.  

In this role, Cathy is proud of her track-record and legislative accomplishments, you can see many of these accomplishments by year:


  • Amended the Social Host Program to include all of the communites encompassed within the Towson Precinct of the Baltimore County Police Department.
  • Sponsored legislation to prohibt the clustering of assited living facilities in dense residential neighborhoods.
  • Sponsored legislation to limit the time during which an air cannon may be discharged in certain R.C. Zones 
  • Co-sponsored bi-partisan legislation requiring that a premises be rat free prior to the issuance of a permit to demolish, raze, or remove a building.
  • Sponsored legislation to permiting "Licensed Arborists" businesses in the Parkville Commercial Revitalization District.
  • Supported legislation amending the County Zoning Regulations to allow solar facilties in ceratin zones around the county.
  • Co-sponsored several pieces of bi-partisan legislation to make Baltimore County more open and transparent 
    •  Requiring the Baltimore County Ethics Commission to provide mandatory training on the county's ethics laws to county employees 
    • Requiring lobbyist who are registered with the county to be posted on the County Council website
    • Banning campaign contributions during the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process 
    • Requiring Coucnil Meetings and Work Sessions be live streamed on the Baltimore County website.


  • Co-sponsored legislation increasing the peanalties for unlawfully parking certin commerical vehicles in residential zones. 
  • Supported legisaltion establishing the Clean Energy Loan Fund Fo Commercial Property Owners.
  • Co-sponsored a bill to prohibit discrimination against a person on the basis of being a veteran.
  • Co-sponsored legislation establishing a pilot program allowing Baltimore County Auxilary Police Officers to assit in code enforcment duites.
  • Supported legislation requiring 8% of the County's Transient Occupancy Tax to be allocated to the Office of Tourism and Promotion 



  • ​Co-sponsored bi-partisan legislation to establish the Animal Services Advisory Commission to enforce the County's animal control laws.
  • Co-sponsored legislation increasing the penalty for distributing tobacco products to minors.
  • Sponsored legislation amending the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations to incldue the term Mobile Home Park rather than Trailer Park. 
  • Supported legislation increasing the penalties for littering on county streets.   


  • Co-sponsored legislation to prohibit smoking in certain child-friendly areas of County parks -- playgrounds, tot-lots, dog parks, and around athletic fields during organized events -- and within 30 feet of all Recreation & Parks buildings (Bill 4-14)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to reduce cell phone thefts and robberies by deterring thieves from converting stolen devices into quick cash.  

    • Banned automatic (ATM style) kiosks that pay cash for cell phones and other devices (Bill 5-14);

    • Regulation and licensing of electronic device dealers, similar to regulation of pawn shops and precious metal dealers (Bill 6-14)

  • ​Sponsored legislation directing the Department of Recreation and Parks to conduct background checks on volunteers for the safety of minors engaged in programs and activities of the Recreation Council (Bill 20-15);


  • Supported legislation to encourage new-urbanism, integrated residential and commercial uses to bring quality housing and jobs within the MD 43 Overlay district (Bill 5-13)

  • Co-sponsored legislation requiring the Design Review Panel to review development plans for proposed nonresidential developments within the Loch Raven Revitalization Area (Bill 13-13)

  • Sponsored legislative amendments to reduce the impact of state-mandated stormwater fees charged to non-profit organizations and to provide credits for marinas that qualify as “Maryland Clean Marinas” (Bill 20-13)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to require the periodic review of local open space waiver fees and increasing the percentage allocated for Neighborspace of Baltimore County (Bill 31-13)

  • Supported legislation to require Automated External Defibrillator (AED) equipment to be kept on-site at public swimming pools and beaches (Bill 39-13)

  • Supported legislation to require new construction projects in certain revitalization areas, including the Loch Raven Commercial Revitalization District, to provide parking for bicycles (Bills 38-13 & 48-13)

  • Supported legislation to provide tax-credits for certain high performance “green” buildings (Bill 56-13)

  • Supported legislation and sponsored amendments to increase the penalty/fine for animal cruelty and to improve the efficiency of Animal Services by requiring the department to keep specific records and provide a volunteer program at the County Animal Shelter (Bill 68-13)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to curb the sale of  “spice” and other synthetic cannabinoids -- drugs designed to mimic the effects of marijuana -- from being sold and marketed toward youth (Bill 78-13)  


  • Co-sponsored legislation to promote equality and prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (Bill 3-12)

  • Supported legislation that requires applications for a Planned Unit Development to be posted on the Baltimore County website (Bill 4-12)

  • Supported legislation which establishes a “Neighborhood Commons” zoning classification for open space uses (Bill 21-12)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to prohibit panhandle building lots in the Parkville-Carney-Cub Hill areas (Bill 21-12)

  • Supported legislation that requires public notice of hearings for zoning variances to be posted on the Baltimore County website (Bill 15-12)

  • Supported legislation to expand the qualified energy efficiency certifications eligible for the High Performance Home tax credit (Bill 23-12)

  • Supported legislation to revise the regulations and procedural requirements for Planned Unit Developments to increase the opportunity for effective community input (Bill 42-12)

  • Sponsored an amendment to strike language which would have allowed a PUD to be located outside the URDL

  • Sponsored legislation to encourage and accommodate vertical out-of-water storage for small boats and trailers to reduce marina/boatyard sprawl in residential waterfront communities (Bill 68-12)

  • Sponsored legislation to establish a minimum 75-foot lot width for new residential development within the South Perry Hall-White Marsh areas (Bill 74-12)

  • Sponsored legislation to promote the redevelopment and reuse of large industrial and manufacturing zoned parcels that preserve historically significant buildings (Bill 76-12)


  • Co-sponsored legislation to increase traffic safety in school zones (Bill 1-11)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to specify the timeframe for Community Input meetings for new development, and requiring the meetings to be held at locations more convenient to the impacted neighborhood (Bill 3-11)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to increase the fine for defacing property with spray paint to deter graffitti vandalism (Bill 4-11)

  • Supported revisions the Planned Unit Development (PUD) process to require a formal community input meeting to be held before a County Council resolution may be issued (Bill 36-11)

  • Supported legislation to reduce the parking calculations for certain transit oriented developments with adequate public transportation amenities in order to reduce impervious surface area (Bill 45-11)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to allow a farmers roadside stand to occupy a portion of a barn or other farm building to ensure the continued agricultural presence and economic viability of Baltimore County farmers (Bill 48-11)

  • Co-sponsored legislation to allow accessory in-law apartments on owner-occupied residential properties in order to accommodate caretaking of immediate family members (Bill 49-11)

  • Sponsored legislation to allow certain “grandfathered” tattoo businesses operating in commercial areas near public or private schools to relocate farther away from the school (Bill 56-11)

  • Supported legislation to include Neighborspace of Baltimore County as an eligible community benefit for a Planned Unit Development (Bill 64-11)


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